Wood Coffee Tables

Unlike our dining tables, there is an abundance of options for a coffee table.  The most frequently used wood is ash and oak because it is readily available, not expensive, durable, the grain is great looking and takes the stains really well.  The color finishes range from white to black, grey, pickled, and different browns, all of them beautiful.  We also can get thick live edge (walnut, maple, pecan, sycamore, etc.) antique oak, pine and other really cool old wood boards. If that is what you are looking for, just ask us and we will either have something in stock, or go find it for you.  Please note that we can fabricate live edge wood coffee tables, but it will vary due to availability.

The most common shapes are square and rectangle, as well as waterfall style.  However, round and racetrack are also great looking.  Acrylic slab/stretchers and pedestals, wood and metal bases all go great with wood top coffee tables. 


Ash Wood with Ebonized Finish and ACF Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 32x54x19H


Ash Wood Waterfall Style with Pickled Finish 36x54x19H


Ash Wood with Light Brown Finish and ACF Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 40x72x19H


Antique Oak Parsons Style 36x54x19H


Antique Oak Parsons Style with Glass Inset 36x60x19H


Spelted Sycamore Live Edge with ACF Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 36x52x19H

We can fabricate length and width to the exact inch if necessary.  Therefore, please note that these are AVERAGE list price ranges.  Any unique smaller or larger size, just ask us for a quote.  Final price is determined by final size and the base choice. 

Click the link below to see all the Wood Coffee Table options.

Average price range (ash/oak): 

Round 24-48"  $2100-$4200  

Square 24-48" 

48"(+) Ask Us


Rectangle/  24-32"x 36-54"  $2400-$3600

Racetrack   34-48"x 48-72"  $3300-$5600

Larger- Ask Us  

Waterfall 30-42"x 48-72"  $2900-$4800

Larger- Ask Us

Live edge depends on the wood type, availability and size.

All Wood Coffee Table Options via DropBox Links

Coffee Table Wood Finish Options via DropBox Links