Custom Special Order


1) The first decision to make is what kind of upholstery item(s) you are interested in.  We can create Dining and Accent Chairs, Benches, Ottomans, Settees and Sofas.


2) What are the right dimensions?  Some things to consider:

  • Dining Chairs- how many people do you want to seat at your table?  Do you want armchairs for the ends?  What type of frame do you like?  Exposed legs or a skirt?  Tall or short back?  What shape do you like?  Oval?  Curved?  Rectangular?  We have lots of custom options.  Traditional or Contemporary?  Formal or Casual?

  • Accent Chairs- Where is it going?  At a desk?  Living Room?  Bedroom?  Next to an accent table?  Do you want arms?  A skirt?  Channeled, tufted, or flat?  What type of shape do you like?  We have multiple options. 

  • Benches and Ottomans- Is it going at the end of the bed?  If so, what size is the bed?  Is it going under something like a TV, art or a mirror?  Next to a door that opens into it?  Entryway?  Living room?  A dining table?  This will help you determine the right dimensions.

  • Settees and Sofas- This essentially comes down to the right size and what type of frame do you like.  There are a lot of options for appearance.


3) What kind of material you prefer.  We primarily make wood frames for the chairs that have different stain options and either we order the fabric for you, or do COM.  The benches mostly have acrylic bases and a fabric of some kind like cowhide, performance fabrics, linen, etc.  But, we can do all wood benches or bases as well.  


Once you have decided on the final product, all we need is a 50% deposit on the total, and away we go!


Dining Chair sets generally take 6-10 weeks on average.

Benches and Ottomans are 3-5 weeks on average.

Sofas and Settees will vary depending on the size and detail of the upholstery. 

But, nothing takes more than 10 weeks.