There are two primary ways to purchase a custom table from Vieux:

Custom Special Order or Inventory Assembly

Custom Special Order


1) The first decision to make is what kind of table(s) you are interested in.  We offer Dining, Coffee, Console, Accent and End Tables, along with Desks, Shelving Units and Media Consoles.

2) What are the right dimensions?  Some things to consider:

  • Dining Table- how many chairs do you want around it?  How big are the chairs?  What size is the room?  You generally need an extra 36” all the way around for movement in, out and around the table.

  • Coffee Table- How big is your couch/sofa/chair(s)?  How much space do you have?  What else is in the room?  Do you have a colorful rug that you are trying to highlight?

  • Console Table- Is it going under something like a TV, art or a mirror?  Next to a door that opens into it?  Entryway?  Is it behind a sofa?  If so, how high is the back of the sofa?

  • Accent Table- where is it going in the house?  The entryway?  Next to a sofa?  A chair?  How high?  Is a lamp going on it?

  • Desk- What kind of chair is going with it?  What’s in the room?  Writing only?  Computer?  How much leg room do you need?  Drawers or no?


3) Choose the type of materials you prefer for the top and base.  We use metal, wood, glass, and stone for the tops and acrylic, wood and iron for the bases.


4) Decide on the shape.  We can fabricate tops that are round, oval, ellipse, rectangle, square and sometimes custom shapes depending on what the material is.

5) Once you know size and material for the top, it generally makes the base choice easier.  Choose from pedestals and slab/stretcher options, or some abstract iron.  We will work with you on base shape ideas if you want to get creative.

6) Usually the last step is to pick the finish for the top and/or base.  The metal tops range from plain gray/steel coloring to rusted, acid washed and nano-sealed.  There are numerous beautiful wood stain options and the glass has a few choices as well.  We will go over that in detail during the process.


Once you have decided on the final product, all we need is a 50% deposit on the total, and away we go!

Dining Tables and Desks generally take 4-6 weeks on average, depending on the material.

Coffee, Console, and Accent Tables generally take 3-4 weeks on average, depending on the material.


Any of the other items will be a case by case timeline, but shouldn’t take more than 6-8 weeks at the most.

Inventory Assembly


We carry a stock of different dining, coffee, console and accent table tops in our showroom, that are ready to go out the door with one of a variety of available acrylic, wood or metal bases (desks and shelving units are special order items).


You can start here:

And look through the available tops

Or, you can start here:



And look through the available bases first.


Keep in mind that not all tops and bases are “fits” for each other.  Call or email us if you have questions or want to get some suggestions.  Keep in mind that we can probably build a different size top or base to match what you like.