Our tables are very durable, but not indestructible, and they require the same care and attention that any high dollar item does.  Here are some simple guidelines that will keep your table looking fabulous for years:


1. Do not leave standing water or liquids, ESPECIALLY oil based ones, on the surface for an extended period of time.  If something spills, simply wipe it up.  Use a damp rag to clean after normal usage.


2. Use heating or serving pads if you plan to place hot serving dishes on the table.  Exposure to heat will leave permanent marks.


3. Almost all of our custom tables have a wax seal that is a standard part of the process.  Depending on your frequency of usage, the wax may eventually dull over time.  If this occurs, a reapplication may be necessary.  Contact us if this happens and we will be happy to assist you.


4. The tables or items that have an acrylic component to it requires a different method of cleaning than glass.  DO NOT use Windex, 409, or any similar type of glass cleaner.  There is a chemical in the formula that will eventually compromise the acrylic over time.  We recommend using a microfiber or very soft rag and some warm water to wipe it clean OR we also use an acrylic specific cleaner like Brillianize.