First and foremost, nothing is indestructible.  Our tables are no different.  However, we do take great care to provide as much protection as possible.  The metal tops generally have our nano sealer applied to it and sometimes a layer of clear paste wax (BriWax) that curbs any normal wear and tear and moisture.  We recommend applying a new coat once or twice a year.  Instructions are on the can.  Our wood tables are stained and sealed to reduce exposure to moisture and other potential irritants.

Things to avoid:

-Direct exposure to very hot and very cold liquids and plates or glasses.  This will leave a mark.

-Leaving olive oil or salad dressing on the top for an extended period of time.

-Not using coasters or placemats.

-Using any sort of chemical cleaner to clean the tops.  It will eventually ruin the finish.  Simply take a damp rag and wipe the table down and then dry it off.


Taking an approach of treating the table with a general level of care will avoid almost all problems that may arise.


We recommend a plastic cleaner (Brillianize) to clean any acrylic.  DO NOT USE GLASS CLEANER.

Simply wiping any dust or dirt off the acrylic with a soft rag will also work.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.


Printable Version of the Table/Acrylic Maintenance Guide