Metal Console Tables

Metal console tables are generally made with the thinner gauge steel in a standard rectangle, but the waterfall style is a fantastic look.  As compared to dining tables, the variety of finish options that are available can be utilized more effectively.  They are all uniquely different when complete; greys, whitewash acid finishes, different color patinas with greens, yellows, reds, and rust.  Tacks around the band, or across the top with seams, are features that go great with metal console tables.  We seal them all to provide long lasting durability from wear and tear and to keep moisture or liquid from soaking into the metal.  Acrylic, wood and metal bases are all options.


Wrapped Metal with Tack Detail and ACN Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 16x54x33H


Waterfall Style Wrapped Metal 16x54x33H


Wrapped Metal with Whitewash Finish and ACN Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 18x42x33H


Wrapped Metal with Skirt Detail and ACN Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 18x72x33H


Wrapped Metal with ACN Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 16x72x33H

We can fabricate length and width to the exact inch if necessary.  Therefore, please note that these are AVERAGE list price ranges.  Any unique smaller or larger size, just ask us for a quote.  Final price is determined by final size and the base choice. 

Click the PDF link below to see all the Metal Console Table options.


(standard height is 33", but can be different)  


Average price range:


Rectangle 12-16"x 30-48"  $1900-$2900

                   16-22"x 48-72"  $2400-$3700

                   Larger- Ask Us

Waterfall  12-16"x 30-48"  $1700-$2800

                 16-22"x 48-72"  $2500-$3800 

                 Larger- Ask Us

All Metal Console Table Options via DropBox Links

Metal Finish Options via DropBox Links