Glass & Acrylic Console Tables

Glass top console tables are generally rectangular in shape with either hard or soft corners.  The glass is 3/4" or 1/2" thick and either a 1" bevel around the edge or flat polish (no bevel).  Beveled edges are more elegant and look better, but are slightly more expensive.  The base options are all acrylic, which absolutely pops under a piece of art or mirror.  The other option is 100% acrylic, and those will vary based on custom shaping, size, etc.  


Custom All Acrylic Demilune Console 16x48x32H


All Acrylic with ACN Slab Stretcher Base 15x71x32H


Glass with Flat Polish Edge and ACN Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 17x70x37H (Extra tall)


Glass with ACN Acrylic Slab Stretcher Base 22x60x32H

We can fabricate length and width to the exact inch if necessary.  Therefore, please note that these are AVERAGE list price ranges.  Any unique smaller or larger size, just ask us for a quote.  Final price is determined by glass thickness (1/2" vs 3/4") final size and the base choice. 

Click the link below to see all the Glass and Acrylic Console Table options.

Average price range:


Glass Rectangle 12-16"x 30-48"  $1400-$2200

                              16-22"x 48-72"  $1900-$3100

                              Larger- Ask Us

All Acrylic- Ask Us

All Glass and Acrylic Console Table Options via DropBox Links